TWO MOONS è un progetto musicale nato nel 2009.

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Due anime in una band: quella cupa, introspettiva legata a sonorità tipiche della wave e quella magnetica, sciamanica e solare dell’elettronica moderna.

I Two Moons propongono atmosfere acide e visionarie, rappresentazione d’una fragilissima poesia post industriale, un pop-psichedelico imperioso senza stramazzanti individualismi.
La musica dei Two Moons è un viaggio che non racconta ma illustra, non descrive ma rappresenta, un animo sperimentale che esprime un’affascinante irrequietezza.


Two moons is a musical project founded in 2009.

Two artistic souls in one band: one dark, the other introspective, linked to typical wave sound and the magnetic, shamanic and solar of modern electronic sound.

The Two Moons, offer acid and visionary atmospheres, representations of fragile post-industrial poetry, an imperious psychedelic – pop without any heavy individualism.

Two Moons’ musical production is a journey not told but illustrated, does not describe but represents an experimental soul that reveals a fascinating uneasiness.


Band Members:
Emil Moonstone – vocals
Joseph Rips Asanda  – bass, guitars, synth and drum machine
Iacopo Palax – guitars
Angelo Argento – drums


Vincenzo Brucculeri – guitars



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